Holy maiden hearing child's call
Roused to stumble through dim night hall

But on the steps where carriage wait
t'was not a babe with salvation sate

But melted flesh, and horrors bound
Forever now silent, said maiden's sound.

"Since I was a lad, heard of that place, living in town as I do. Every young lad and lass had. Never a thought 'bout the old wives' tales, and the price was cheap. But then, walkin' into the lav that day? Well, me 'n' my wife never been hard of walkin' mind ya, so where'd the wheel chair come from? Why fillin' the tub with tar, 'n' leavin' a trail leadin' to the rookery?
Was not a human I reckon. I lived here all my 53 years, but now I'm leavin'"

—interview, Markov Erik,
former owner

The night a humble quiet fair
Cold grown faint by fire's flair

A book rested upon a thigh
The blood of grapes an invited high

The silence meant a restful night;
Peace easing the servants' might

The frigid air roused by Chambermaid's call:
The master, found colder than winter's thrall

Clothes and seat in perfect place
Nothing transpired to, save body & face

In the house nery a cry was heard
yet by arid skin, burning occurred?

"What can kill with flame that's cold?"
The servants prayed and left the fold

"'The feet, it was the little feet.' He mumbled 'We are on a navy vessel. Why was the nightwatch whispering about hearing little feet?'". Our reporter REDACTED was unable to get much more out of REDACTED as he entered a frenzy and had to be sedated. We were allowed another visit, under strict isntruction not to upset him. "I followed the sound one night, and when the feet stopped in front of hall... I opened the bulkhead door, and inside was a HOUSE. In the Bering Strait, in the heart of a REDACTED-class submarine. The mudroom of a house" REDACTED was transferred to a military facility before we could return.

-excerpt from unpublished article,
Alexandria Gazette,